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At Wallace's Homevalue, we believe that there is a more sustainable, economical and efficient way to heat your home than fossil fuels.

We are the South-East's leading supplier of Ravelli Wood Pellet Stoves, supplying Wood Pellet Stoves to Irish homes since 2007. These stunning Italian designed stoves are one of the most efficient, reliable and economical Wood Pellet Stoves on the market. They are practical and easy to use, being completely automatic with built-in time and temperature controls. The addition of the Ravelli WiFi Kit allows you to manage your stove via WiFi, wherever you are and whenever you want from your smartphone. 

What our customers say:

"There was so much work with our old solid fuel stove. We're so glad we changed for a pellet stove, it's much easier, and it's cheaper to run".

"We find it very convenient and economical to run. We wouldn't be without it."

"I don't know myself since I got the stove, I was thinking of getting a solid fuel stove, and my son said I was mad! So I went down to Wallace's to have a look at what they had. I love it; it's so easy to get it going in the morning, no dragging in coal or sticks, just a quick clean and press the button."


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Ravelli Studio

Download the Ravelli app and have fun with the augmented reality technology! You can choose your favour Ravelli Stove, selecting your favourite colour, and set it directly in your home. 

Download Ravelli Studio app!



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